Attention All HT Tree Huggers

image002.jpgWere you aware that Montgomery County has a program available to its residents where you can request that a tree be planted free of charge on your tree lawn? If you are interested in getting on the County’s fall tree planting schedule, or would like additional information about the program, please contact Montgomery County arborist, Scott Myers, on (240) 777-6000. Scott will be able to answer any of your questions about the program, and can assist you with tree selection.

Attached is a list of native Maryland trees that can be used as a selection guideline depending on availability, or County changes/updates to the list. If there are power or phone lines directly above the planting area, the County will require you to select a specimen from the “Minor” tree list. In other non-encumbered areas, the County will require the resident to select a “Major” tree. The County makes arrangements ahead of time with Miss Utility to mark any gas lines that may impact where the tree can be planted. The approximate height and width of each specimen is shown on the list, as well as both the scientific and common names of each tree. There is a wide variety of trees to choose from, many flowering and with beautiful changing foliage, or interesting bark. This handout also provides numbers to call for tree and stump removal.

This is a wonderful opportunity to keep our HT community green, beautiful, and lush, and to replace many of the trees that have been taken down as a result of disease, storm damage, or new construction. It is also making a very worthwhile contribution to our environment.

Check it out and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

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