Volunteers Needed For HT Triangle Project!

image002.gifAs you may have already heard, we were successful in our grant application to Montgomery County to receive $500 towards our Huntington Terrace beautification project. This money will be a great start in revitalizing the landscaping in the triangular parcel of land at the intersection of Roosevelt and Garfield Streets. Planning is already underway to create a beautiful green space for all HT residents to enjoy.

The County has planted in the triangle, at our request, two Kousa Dogwoods and one Sugar Maple. Though small now, the maple will someday create a lovely shaded area, and the dogwoods beautiful foliage and flowers for all to enjoy. It is anticipated that the work to create new planting beds for shrubs and perennial flowers will begin in early September. In the interim, there is still a lot of work to do, and you can help!

We are seeking volunteers to assist in the following ways:

  • Initial ground breaking and digging of beds. Although we will be renting some equipment to assist us with this part of the task, it would be wonderful to have some muscle and/or strong backs for this unglamorous, but very necessary part of the project.
  • Initial planting of shrubs, ground cover, and flowers
  • Maintenance of the triangle a few times a year to include pruning, weeding, deadheading of flowers, or some light mulching. Watering during dry spells would be great too if you live close-by.
  • If you are unable to volunteer for any physical work, but are very interested in helping, donations can be made to:
    HTCA, c/o Jerry Hildebrand
    5601 Madison Street
    Bethesda, MD 20817

    Please indicate on your check that the monies are for the “Triangle Project” so that it gets applied appropriately. No sum is too small or too large!
  • Several people have started to make offers of plants from their own gardens. This is great! We want to make this a “HT community” project so the more that participate the better. Remember that until the trees are more mature the triangle will be fairly sunny. Sun loving, low maintenance, and somewhat drought tolerant shrubs or plants would be most welcome!

The triangle project will be an ongoing labor of love that will evolve over time. The County grant money and the HTCA match will cover only a small portion of the cost to really make this area something special. Any involvement by HT residents, either physically or monetarily, will be welcomed with open arms. You do not have to have gardening experience, or a green thumb, to join the fun!

If you have an interest in any of the areas mentioned above, please fill out the attached form, or if you have further questions, or wish additional information, please contact me at d.perry1 at starpower dot net or on (301) 493-6968. Thanks!

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