Storm Water Status

Dear Huntington Terrace Neighbors,

In recent years, many of us have noticed the increase of rainwater runoff on our roads and sidewalks. Recent construction at Suburban Hospital (SH) has exacerbated the problem. With construction drawing to a close we will need to observe whether the water management systems mandated by the county and implemented by the hospital adequately deal with runoff from the hospital property. We would need clear evidence and careful analysis of problems in order to approach the county with requests for remedies to be considered.

At this time, however, we do want to approach the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to make a case that there are measures the county can take to ameliorate our runoff problems.

During the storm on May 23, I drove around the neighborhood to assess where the most severe problems are occurring. Roosevelt Street between Grant and Jefferson appears to be the worst. Water from SH, McKinley, and Grant run into and then down Roosevelt to storm drains at Jefferson. The water in the street was well over my ankles as I walked to the car. A storm drain on Roosevelt at the bottom of Grant would help reduce the amount of water further down the street.

Another problem area is the intersection of Grant and Southwick where waters flowing north on Grant and west on Southwick (some from SH) meet. A storm drain at this intersection, perhaps at the southeast corner, would reduce the ponding of water and the flow continuing west on Southwick.

Some of you may be aware of other runoff problems that were not apparent to me during my brief drive through the neighborhood. To assist our ability to present a comprehensive picture to DEP, please inform us of issues that affect you and might be addressed by work on roads, sidewalks and drains. Also, please let the board know whether you would be willing to make a statement or sign a petition in support of our case that action needs to be taken.

Thank you,

Alex Jamison

HTCA Board Member

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