Huntington Terrace/Bradmoor Hills Sidewalk Program Update

This spring, the MDDOT restarted and expanded a previously proposed program to build new sidewalks along McKinley Street, Bradmoor and several other streets in the BNA neighborhood.  Construction of these new sidewalks will result in the loss of over 40 trees and other landscaping program wide, including four large trees in a single block of McKinley Street.  The trees to be cut down by MDDOT within the HTCA segment of the program include a 150’ Spruce and a valuable rare Japanese Maple as well as two very large River Birches.  These trees are along McKinley Street side of 8510 Garfield Street.  Loss of these trees will negatively impact the character of our neighborhood, cause unnecessary damage to the environment, both air and water, and could negatively impact property values.

The prior program was reviewed by the HTCA membership in a routine meeting last fall and it was determined that because there are existing safe paved routes through and around the neighborhood already in existence, there was no need for this new segment of sidewalk. It was further determined that the negative environmental impact from the loss of these trees was highly undesirable in inconsistent with HTCA’s desire to have a quiet, wooded neighborhood, protect the environment and endeavor to protect and improve property values.   Following a discussion of the various pros and cons of the proposed program the attendees voted unanimously to oppose the segment of the proposed project within the HTCA boundary, based on lack of need and associated negative environmental impact.

In addition, separately over 23 HTCA neighbors signed a petition to oppose the program.  However, when MDDOT restarted the program under a new project number this spring, all comments and input submitted in response to the prior project were discarded by MDDOT.  HTCA did resubmit its formal opposition to the new program.  However, likely many residents have not been aware of the need to resubmit comments and DOT has advised the volume of comments on the new program are substantially fewer than before.

Although the formal due date for written comments has passed, MDDOT will still accept written input and anyone who has not submitted comments regarding the new program are strongly encouraged to do so.  In addition, a public hearing will be held sometime in October and all residents and interested parties are welcome and encouraged to attend and submit their comments.  The date and location of this hearing will be circulated as soon as it is known.  All interested HTCA residents are encouraged to attend and make their desires and opinions known regarding this program this will materially change the character of our neighborhood.

MDDOT can be reached at:

Any questions or comments may also be submitted to:

David Shiff

8510 Garfield street



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