4th of July Preparations

Fellow Neighbors and Patriots–The Fourth of July is fast upon us!

The Fourth of July Parade and Party is historically one of the year’s highlights. HTCA is looking for many hands to make this the best Fourth of July Parade and Party ever, and the more who help, the less work and more fun it is for all!

Here’s what we need–broken down into easy tasks. Some can be done in advance; others must be done on the Fourth. If you possibly can do just one thing, please step up! We would be thrilled to get responsible kids and teens involved, and HTCA will be happy to sign off on their community service hours if your school allows us to do so.

Kindly pick one:

  • Buy, donate or loan supplies. (Game equipment, bunting, flags, kazoos,balloons, tablecloths, etc.)
  • Buy refreshments. (Ice, lemonade, water are crucial. Watermelon makes a great snack. Other food, like cookies, are optional.)
  • We need several volunteers to run kids’ games (examples of past favorites: relay races, whacking the pinata, balloon toss).
  • Suggest new kids games that are inexpensive and popular and help us run them.
  • Make signs.
  • Tack up signs around the neighborhood.
  • Put up simple decorations at the school.
  • Stay in the shade and run the refreshment table.
  • Be a diva (or her male equivalent) and lead the parade!
  • Play an instrument in the Huntington Terrace Symphonia during the noisy parade. Drummers, kazoo-ists, horn players, percussionists–you be the star!
  • Suggest something we’ve forgotten.

And since not all of your neighbors are on HTCAnet, please talk to folks on your block about the parade and party and ask for their help and ideas. In particular, PLEASE reach out to newcomers to the neighborhood, so they don’t miss out! (Be aware there will be a flyer going out to all residents with details as usual.)

Thanks so much, everyone! Send all your ideas, inputs, resources and people without delay to:
Ann Dorough
Vice President
Huntington Terrace Citizens’ Association
8604 Grant Street
(301) 581-0194
dorough at highstream dot net

Triangle Beautification Project

We’re excited to learn that the plans for beautifying the Huntington Terrace Triangle — at the intersection of Garfield and Roosevelt Streets — have been approved by Montogmery County. Just days ago the county donated and installed a maple tree and two kousa dogwood trees at the site.

Deborah Perry of Garfield Street, who is spearheading the project, tells us plants and materials will be purchased after the County releases the approved grant funding of $500, so HT volunteers will likely proceed with site work and further planting in the fall.

Deborah and her Triangle volunteers are looking for neighbors with green thumbs (and/or strong backs!), donations of low-maintenance sun-loving plants, and gifts or loans of tools and other materials to keep the project affordable.

For more information about Triangle Beautification, to make a donation or to  help, contact Deborah at d.perry1 at starpower dot net.