HTCA Annual Meeting & Elections

HTCA Annual Meeting & Elections, Wednesday, January 24th, 7:30-8:30 p.m. at Bradley Hills Elementary

We have four openings on the HTCA board (in alternate years, we have three openings). If you are interested in joining the board, please contact Lorraine Driscoll at . At present, Marc Ghany and Kate Stern are each running for a second term, and Maggie Bree and Mark De Ravin have been nominated. Jonna Stoycos will continue as hospital liaison. Board members will be elected at the annual meeting.
In order to vote, you must be a current member of HTCA. The dues are $20. per household, per year, and memberships begin each January. You may join by mailing or dropping off a check payable to HTCA to HTCA Treasurer Stephen Brown at 5504 Hoover St., or use a credit card or Paypal on our website, Extra funds are always appreciated, as the newsletter, meeting room space, July 4th & seasonal parties, legal and professional fund, and Triangle Garden all require funding. Please donate generously by check or via the website.
If you would like to vote but are unable to attend the meeting, please use the proxy form on and give your proxy to a neighbor attending (each HTCA member can carry up to 3 proxies). A neighbor may also carry your membership dues, or you can pay these at

Community Liaison Committee (CLC) and Neighborhood Meetings with Suburban Hospital

As required by the 2010 legal decision, members of the HTCA Board, along with neighbors whose homes adjoin or confront Suburban Hospital, meet quarterly to discuss any issues that arise and the noise reports. The legal ruling requires that noise levels be tested 4 times per year in a few locations. In addition, there is monitoring of ground vibration levels during the construction at a few locations. If you have any questions or concerns that you would like brought up at the CLC meetings, please contact any HTCA Board member. In addition, there are twice yearly community meetings with Suburban Hospital officers and the construction team to answer questions and inform the neighborhood of developments. The next meeting is scheduled for May 16, 2018, at 7 pm, in the lower level auditorium at Suburban Hospital.
We are pleased that cameras have been placed at the SH garage Southwick staff only entrance/exit to assure that vehicles enter only from Old Georgetown Road and exit to Old Georgetown Road (rather than traveling through the neighborhood via Southwick Street). Owners of vehicles making prohibited turns into the neighborhood are subject to disciplinary action by SH and such action has been taken. We ask that neighbors continue to contact any board member if they observe a vehicle making a prohibited turn. Please note day, time, and any vehicle information (including color, make, and/or full or partial license plate). The 2010 legal agreement is quite strict about controlling vehicular traffic through the neighborhood, and we want to do what we can to ensure this problem does not grow.
Neighbors may have observed that trees, bushes, and grasses have been planted around the SH garage and in sections of the McKinley Street side of SH. The height, species, caliper, and location of the trees is spelled out in the approved landscaping plans, and we are gratified to see greenery return to the area.

A Shout-out and Thank You to Our Block Workers

Many, many thanks to our loyal and intrepid block workers, who deliver newsletters and directories to each household as needed, often on short notice, and in all temps and conditions. We very much appreciate each of you: Terese Bernstein, Diana Chimes, Connie Cissel, Caterina Earle, Penny Fovall, Mary Garofalo, Barry Hauptman, Linda King, Galina Knopman, Marta Legeckis, Kathleen Marsh, Jon Marsh, Deborah Perry, Maddy Rudd, Steven Sabol, Howard Sokolove, and Ruthie Sokolove. If you would like to be a neighborhood block worker or the block worker captain (delivering newsletter packets to the block workers), please contact Kate Stern.

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HTCA Board of Directors

• Lorraine Driscoll — President (, 8507 Garfield St.
• Stephen Brown — Treasurer (, 5504 Hoover St.
• Kate Stern — Vice President (, 5513 McKinley St.
• Lori Fish Bard — (, 5505 Lincoln St.
• Marc Ghany
• Srini Mirmira
• Jonna Stoycos

Suburban Hospital signage update – Sign Review Board hearing results

Dear Neighbors,

The May 11 Sign Review Board (continuance) hearing went very well, with HTCA board member Jonna Stoycos speaking on behalf of our community. Jonna had prepared – for the second time – an excellent statement and package of materials so the Sign Review Board could fully understand the situation.

The upshot of the two hearings is as follows:

1. There will be no large (two-story, highway billboard size), illuminated rooftop sign on SH;

2. The SH sign on the new addition will not be illuminated;

3. The three illuminated signs set into the low brick site-walls — one at McKinley and Old Georgetown Rd, and two at the main hospital entrance at the (old) Lincoln St. and Old Georgetown Rd. — will be illuminated with a warmer, softer light;

4. The Sign Board did not grant the variance for the large, illuminated garage sign, extracting it from the sign package, and suggesting that SH omit it or come up with some other solution;

5. The blue illuminated “Suburban Hospital” sign beneath the helipad will be removed;

6. The blue illuminated “Suburban Hospital” sign at the McKinley Street entrance will remain but will not be illuminated.

We are very grateful to HTCA board members Jonna Stoykos and Lori Fish Bard, who attended the hearing, and neighbors Nancy Choy, Eric Guille, Jon Marsh, Sheila O’Neill and Penny Fovall, who also attended. The Sign Board chair commented on the presence of so many neighbors. There was behind-the-scenes support (including photos of Johns Hopkins-Baltimore signage and signage at other hospitals) from Howard Sokolove, Marc Ghany and myself. As usual, Norman Knopf provided crucial and excellent guidance on how to proceed.

The Sign Review Board’s requirement at the first hearing that SH meet with representatives from HTCA allowed a discussion of the signage. While this meeting was quite useful, SH submitted its revised proposal prior to meeting with us a second time. Nonetheless, we were able to make our case a second time before the Sign Review Board, and they continued to doubt the appropriateness and need for a large, illuminated wall sign on the garage – thus removing it from the SH signage package. SH may reapply for approval of a variance for a different type of sign if they so choose.

We are very pleased with the result and feel that in large part, the changes agreed to are consonant with Old Georgetown Rd’s character (and designation in the Montgomery County master plan) as a green corridor, in that no large, illuminated wall or rooftop signage was approved. The layering of trees and bushes to be planted in the first planting season after the garage is completed – as required by the 2010 Board of Appeals ruling between SH and HTCA – should substantially improve the appearance.

Please donate generously to the HTCA legal fund; we have a target of raising $2,000 in the month. We are grateful to the neighbors who have contributed over the past two years (and some extremely generously). Contributions may be made at or by check (payable to HTCA) to the treasurer of HTCA, Stephen Brown, 5504 Hoover St., Bethesda, 20817

Also, please join HTCA or renew your HTCA membership at or by check to HTCA Treasurer Stephen Brown. Thank you!