Sign Review Board Hearing

Dear Neighbors,

On March 28, HTCA received a notice from Suburban Hospital that the Sign Review Board would hold a hearing on Wednesday, April 12, at 8:30 a.m., about its application for 11 variances on exterior signage at the hospital, part of a package of 31 exterior signs.  Three of these proposed signs are so-called roof-top signs (high up on the current SH building, the addition, and the parking garage) and are proposed to be quite large and illuminated.  Others facing Southwick and McKinley Street neighbors’ homes may be larger than necessary. These 11 signs are larger than commonly permitted, which is why they must be approved by the Sign Review Board.

The hearing will take place at the Stella B. Werner County Council Bldg., First Floor Auditorium, 100 Maryland Ave., Rockville MD 20850, on Wed., April 12, 8:30 a.m. We hope you can attend.

The Board of Appeals 2010 ruling requires that Suburban Hospital hold quarterly Community Liaison (CLC) meetings with the HT neighborhood to keep us informed during the expansion of the hospital. However, Suburban did not raise this matter at either of the two most recent meetings (Jan. 18, 2017 or March 15, 2017).  The information about the 11 variances provided on March 28 was scanty, so HTCA board member Jonna Stoycos requested more detailed information, which was sent.  HTCA’s request of Suburban Hospital to postpone the hearing, given the lack of notice and discussion about this at the meetings Suburban Hospital is required to hold with the community, has so far not been successful.

If you would like a ride to the hearing or more information about this matter before the hearing, please contact HTCA board members Lorraine Driscoll, Kate Stern, or Jonna Stoycos. Thanks.

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