Huntington Terrace Triangle Beautification Earth Day Event

HTCA heard the County’s call for volunteers for Earth Day, so we’re sponsoring a local environmental project at our neighborhood’s own Triangle Garden. Save the date for SATURDAY, APRIL 18TH AT 9:00 AM, to meet at Roosevelt and Garfield Streets.

Our Triangle Garden/Earth Day Project will focus on installing a sustainable, native plant garden, composed of native plants that are low-maintenance, drought-tolerant, and attractive to birds, butterflies and bees. We’ll also spruce up the existing plantings at the Triangle garden as well. For those of you interested in the value of native plantings that attract wildlife (including bees), check out for further information.

To help plant, donate cash, or provide supplies or refreshments, please sign up with Triangle Garden Coordinator, Terese Bernstein (at, or at 301-775-1512).

Please bring your own tools and gloves. Community Service hours are available for Pyle and Whitman student volunteers. If it rains, we’ll contact all signed-up volunteers with the rain date.

If you prefer to send a garden donation with your dues, please let HTCA’s Treasurer know how much to be set aside for garden purposes. Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated.
Look forward to seeing everyone for our Earth Day event on the 18th!!

Huntington Terrace Community Association Triangle at Roosevelt & Garfield Streets (Spring 2009 -proposed) Native Habitat Garden
Plant selection
A -Aronia arbutifolia-Red chokeberry
B -Asternovae-angllae-New England Aster
C -Chionanthus virginicus -Fringetree
E-Muhlenbergia capillaris-Pink Muhly Grass
F-Heliopsis helianthoides-False Sunflower
G-Ceanothus americanus-New Jersey Tea
H-Asclepias tuberosa-Butterfly weed

Habitat value
Nectar and food source for birds &insects Attractive to birds, bees & insects Pollution tolerant and loved by birds Spring ephemerals & perennials Excellent grass for nesting & seeds Pollen I nectar source for bees & insects Attracts hummingbirds &butterflies Larval host for Monarch butterflies-with long-lasting summer blossoms
Avg. 300 SF -Full Sun

Layout of the proposed garden
Layout of the proposed garden

[ 3/25/09 ] Terese Bernstein

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