Triangle Garden Cleanup

Come one, come all!

With Spring upon us it is time for renewal and…gardening! The Huntington Terrace Citizens Association (HTCA) invites you to participate in the cleanup and the continued beautification of our award-winning Triangle Garden (at the corner of Roosevelt St. and Garfield St.).

On Saturday, May 4th 2019, between 9:00AM and 12:00PM, we will hosting the first Triangle Garden cleanup of the year. Green thumb or not, all are welcome. Bring tools and gloves if you have them. Refreshments will be provided.

In Huntington Terrace, we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by beautiful greenery and a community who cares for and understands the value of maintaining community gathering spaces. In October 2007, the HTCA and Montgomery County government established the Triangle Garden, allowing the great citizens of Huntington Terrace “to recognize neighbors who came before us, to foster continued community fellowship, to beautify our neighborhood and to encourage stewardship of the land.”

For over a decade, Deborah Perry and Terese Bernstein, along with countless community volunteers, have led the efforts to build and maintain the Triangle Garden. We can only hope to strengthen their legacy of love for our community by continuing to garner community interest in our very special and unique neighborhood garden.

If you are not able to attend the cleanup, but wish to make a contribution, we are always in need of materials and funds for supplies. Contributions can be made online or checks can be sent to your HTCA Board Members (made out to HTCA, note: “HTCA Triangle Garden”).

Please reach out to myself, Johnny Bree ( or Maggie Bree ( with any questions. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Johnny and Maggie Bree

Meeting at Suburban Hospital

Meeting at Suburban Hospital, Wednesday, November 14, 7 pm, Lower Level Auditorium

All neighbors are welcome to attend the bi-annual meeting with officials from Suburban Hospital and the construction team. Bring any questions, concerns, or comments you may have. If there are matters you wish to have discussed and are unable to attend the meeting, feel free to contact an HTCA board member so your issue(s) can be raised.

Draft letter protesting closure of West Gateway Pedestrian NIH entrance



I am writing to protest the impending closure of the West Gateway Pedestrian entrance to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) campus in Bethesda, MD.  I understand the entrance is to close on September 30, 2018, and I am upset that we did not receive notice of this decision earlier. I am writing to request that the entrance remain open.


I am a resident of Huntington Terrace, which sits across from the NIH on Old Georgetown Road, and this entrance allows residents of my neighborhood to cross the NIH campus and access the Medical Center Metro station. Such access was not restricted until NIH built a fence around the campus in the mid-2000s, and in recognition of this prior use and to allow alternative access to the NIH campus to allow access to Medical Center metro, the West Gateway entrance was established.


This access is important for several reasons.  First, it makes the commute to the Metro more predictable, since it is not dependent on bus schedules, which can be delayed by traffic (which can be substantial in Bethesda). Secondly, it promotes walking, a healthy endeavor that the NIH should encourage rather than discourage. Finally, it increases our neighborhood’s property values since residents can walk to the Medical Center Metro in 15-20 minutes.  This is not true for the Bethesda metro


The NIH Campus Perimeter Shuttle, which operates from 6:30 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on weekdays, is not an adequate alternative. For onet, the bus arrival is unpredictable and affected by traffic (traffic along Old Georgetown Road and Wisconsin Avenue comes to a crawl during these times).  In addition, it does not accommodate those who wish to cross the campus after 9 a.m.


Please contact the appropriate person at NIH and reverse the decision to close this important access to public transportation for my neighborhood.


Thank you.


Amy Royden-Bloom

On behalf of the Huntington Terrace Civic Association

Meeting between Huntington Terrace residents and Suburban Hospital and its construction team

Dear Neighbors,

A meeting between Huntington Terrace residents and Suburban Hospital and its construction team will be held Wednesday, May 16, 7 pm, in the lower level auditorium of Suburban Hospital.  This is an opportunity to hear about the construction plans and schedule and to make comments or ask questions of the hospital leadership and the construction team about matters of interest and concern to you.  If you have questions or comments but are unable to attend, please contact any HTCA board member.  Thank you.

Lorraine Driscoll, President

Stephen Brown, Treasurer,

Kate Stern, Vice President

Lori Fish Bard, HTCA Board Member

Maggie Bree, HTCA Board Member

Marc Ghany, HTCA Board Member

Mark De Ravin, HTCA Board Member