Free Plants


Friday, October 31
9 AM – 3:30 PM

Saturday, November 1

Five houses on Lincoln Street* and two on Southwick** will be removed in November. Before that work takes place, you are invited to help yourself to any of the plantings (shrubs, grasses, hosta, daylilies, etc.)

  • You must register in advance by sending an email to: or calling 301-896-3916.
  • Bring all your own tools.
  • Your involvement with this initiative is at your sole risk.
  • In the event of pouring rain, this event will be rescheduled to Sat., November 8.

* 5411, 5415, 5419, 5423, 5427
**5508, 5510

Official Flyer: Free Plants

Halloween Parade

Huntington Terrace Citizens Association


(Around the triangle)


Sunday, October 26

Line up at 10:45 a.m.
Corner of McKinley and Garfield
Parade starts @ 11:00
Costumed adults and pets are welcome!
Treats for all
(Concludes at 11:30)

Bradley Hills Village Survey

Bradley Hills Village logoPlease fill out the Bradley Hills Village Survey if you have not already filled out the hard copy that was placed in your door. (Don’t do both).

Here is the introduction:

A group of residents in the Bradmoor and Huntington Terrace neighborhoods is exploring a way for neighbors to connect with and support each other to make our community a good place to live for a lifetime. There are many ways to achieve this goal, all falling under the umbrella concept of a “neighborhood village.” Some models involve only residents over 50, while others are inter-generational.

With this survey we are trying to understand our neighbors’ interest in a Bradley Hills Village and what specific needs it might address. Please complete only one survey per household and return by July 12. Contact information for questions and submission directions are provided on the last page. Thank you for your time!

Here are the directions:

Please return your completed survey by July 12 to
Steve Borko, 8403 Bradmoor Drive, Bethesda, MD 20817
You may use any of these methods:

  • Print it, complete it by hand, and either send it by US mail or drop it off
  • Print it, complete it by hand, and scan and email it
  • Complete it online, save it with your name in the filename, and email it
  • Complete it online, print it, and either send it by US mail, drop it off, or scan and email it to

NOTE: You may receive one or more hard or soft copies of this survey.
Please only complete and submit one survey per household.
If you have any questions, please contact Steve or Beth Borko at 301-530-8611.
Thanks so much for your time and attention!